Tip #5: Moneymakers

Beginners Tip: Research this a lot before attempting it. Now that we have been through some basics of couponing, it’s time to get to the core of this message: saving money. Sometimes although, saving the most money also means earning it, or making money off of coupons. There are many ways to do this. Lets lay them out:

Selling Coupons: I am starting with selling coupons first because it is the best way to gain money, but is the one method I recommend not doing if you are by yourself. It requires a consistent work schedule and enough time allotted to obtain a large collection of coupons. Selling coupons is the also the most uncommon form of making money off coupons due to the reasons I have already explained. The website below is an example of one of the top sites to buy coupons from:

buying coupons

A screenshot from my computer

This site allows you to buy coupons you may need for a low price so that you can still make a profit. This may sound extremely unreliable, but it is not. For example, you can buy a coupon that saves $1.00 off of a bag of dog food for around .15 cents, and usually free shipping. This website also has a rewards program if you buy special coupons, which add points to your account toward future purchase discounts. You may not be able to be as intricate as this site in selling coupons, but it is a good example of how to sell coupons and also buy them. Mail-In Rebates: Mail in rebates are fairly common, usually seen with alcoholic purchases, but keep your eyes peeled, especially on the internet. Some stores or companies may offer mail-in rebates for their products other than alcohol. For example, if you buy an expensive makeup product or other expensive product, generally there may be hidden cash back opportunities. This type of money maker may require you to send in a receipt, so keep your receipts.

Courtesy of loobeforedrinking.com

Courtesy of loobeforedrinking.com

Reward Points: Store rewards points are slowly becoming a larger aspect of couponing. Fairly new and unique to customers, sometimes they may seem a bit overwhelming. One of the most common store rewards points systems is Walgreens (also CVS). When you use your store card on purchases, “points” may be eligible to be added to your store card. There was a promotion back in February for makeup purchases at my local store, that if you buy any makeup you could earn double points and such. Ask your local stores if they offer this kind of promotions. Around 1,000 points is about a dollar in savings I believe. So, if you shop a lot at these types of stores (not forgetting coupons), this may be a good option. You can make money by redeeming these points on other purchases, furthering your savings.


Screenshot on my computer of “The Krazy Coupon Lady’s” blog post on making money off of Walgreens points.

Gift Cards: Gift cards are also a new hot commodity, the most common store to utilize these seems to be Target. When combining coupons with “earning gift cards when you buy X number of product”, sometimes you can end up making money (after the gift card.) This is hard to explain, so I will insert a photo instead.

target money maker

Screenshot on “the Krazy Coupon Lady’s” blog on making money off of products such as hair and shampoo.

In general finding the right sale at the right time can result in earning little bits of pocket change here and there. The wally world women has what is called penny overages. This is where you save over 100% of the cost of the product you are buying. Thus she is slowly gaining money on buying things, rather than spending money. Here is a link to here blog about money makers, which can show you more examples about overages:


A screen shot of “Wally World Women’s” blog

Good luck and let me know what else you may stumble upon in your savings. Happy Couponing!

Tip #4: Emailing Companies

One of the most important things about coupons is who makes them, the manufacturers. From earlier tips you have seen me use a few coupons, question is who makes them? Well that would be the manufacturer of that coupon’s product. Now the more important question is how can YOU get them? Here is one site I use to contact manufacturers for coupons.


When I looked through the comments on that blog, I got a lot of tips from other readers and people who work for companies that deal with customers. Some workers (not all) had “free reign” to send coupons and what not to whomever they wanted. Don’t write to them specifically asking for coupons. Instead, here are a few suggestions on what to write about and/or state:

  • Formal introduction, be polite!
  • How you love their product – be specific
  • give a story if you must
  • how you tell all your friends about their product
  • how much better it is than another brands product
  • any suggestions
  • don’t forget to ask for “any coupons they may have to help a loyal customer out”

(Another person is going to be responding to your comments so make sure they are engaging and not just small and short because then they will not be inclined to take action.)

An extra thing to remember is to not write to the same company. Here is a tip from the author of the article, Debbie:

“Don’t write Tide and tell them how much you like them better than Gain, and then write Gain and tell them how much better they are than Tide. The same company makes both, and chances are the same person will be reading both emails.”

Another way to ask for coupons is to write with a complaint. Lots of us have been in the situation where we get a defective product, maybe the wrong product, etc. DO NOT be afraid to contact them. I wrote an email to Haagen-Dazs recently, how my store had stopped carrying my favorite flavor. They wrote back with:

Dear Ms. Walk,

Thank you for your email regarding Häagen-Dazs® Salted Caramel Truffle Ice Cream. We are delighted to hear from our consumers about a flavor they enjoy.

We are delighted to hear that you have enjoyed our Häagen-Dazs® Salted Caramel Truffle Ice Cream. Our flavor development team members work very hard each year improving tried and true favorites and devising new and exciting flavor combinations. I will be happy to let the appropriate department know that you would like to see this flavor added to our regular flavor line all year long. They will be happy to receive your positive feedback.

Thank you for contacting us.


Roberto Pachino

Consumer Response Representative


This was one of my first emails as a consumer. I should have copied what I originally said, but you want to make sure you sound formal yet sincere. Having the company’s sincerity on your side will help you win.

To write with a complaint, you could follow the instructions above for getting coupons as well as these suggestions:

  • as always formal introduction
  • state the problem (my mascara stick is always breaking)
  • suggestions are possible
  • make sure to mention you are an avid consumer
  • conclude with any possible suggestions for action

What you could get:

Depending on your response, some companies usually send coupons. Most are coupons for a replacement item PLUS an extra coupon to make sure they keep you as a customer. These are usually mailed and have a special shine to them that make them known as high value or free coupons that are valid from the manufacturer. Some companies are also known to maybe re-send coupons every six months or so, as a tip.

Best of luck and visit that website folks and Happy Couponing!



Courtesy of countymarketcouponnews.com


Tip # 3: Online Couponing

If you are a beginner couponer, chances are you haven’t had much interaction with online couponing. There are two main components to online couponing. The first is something referred to as e-clips.

E-clips, or e-couponing, is a general term for online couponing. This is literally where someone has a type of “store card” in order to load those e-coupons onto. It is essentially paperless couponing. Generally, e-clips are used in accordance to its store (Target’s “cartwheel”, Pick N’ Save’s “Fresh Perks E-Clips”, so on and so forth.)

E-CLIPS ( when you type in your ZIP it takes you to this page, or somewhere similar)


A screenshot on my computer of Pick N’ Save’s E-Clips program.

CARTWHEEL (You have to sign in with Facebook or signup to see your local coupons, but again this page should be similar to the one you see here)


Another screenshot of my Cartwheel

Every store these days generally has some type of “E-Clips “savings available. One of the first options for E-Clips is that:

– It has the stores circulating store flyer based on location
– Any in-store coupons that go along with the circulating flyer that week.

Customers can literally just type in their store card information onto the websites and then load coupons directly onto their cards to come off at checkout.

In other stores cases, barcodes can be scanned to take off savings (Cartwheel), or depending on their policies, other forms are possible too. The point is that these things exist and can be utilized.

The second point is that not only are there E-Clips for store couponing, but also online sites that contain manufacturer coupons that can be printed, are a part of E-Clips. The most popular site is Coupons.com (yes, literally that name).


This is the site, courtesy of Coupons.com

There are also many other sites claiming to be coupon sites available for printing , yet they all seem to “link” back to Coupons.com.

Coupons.com offers manufacturers’ coupons FREE to anyone who wishes to print manufacturers’ coupons.

These, although, depending on dates, tend to not directly match up with store flyers right away. Sometimes it is best to wait, watching the expiration date of course, to match up in store offers with your manufacturer’s offers to get the best deal.

The best thing about online coupons is (versus those clunky flyer manufacturer coupons that come in the mail, mentioned in my first blog post) you can filter your needs using the net to look for the coupon desirable to your specific need like:

– food
– cleaning supplies
– etc.

All you need then is to install their (virus free don’t worry!) small printer requirement, and you can start printing free coupons (they work as black and white). Just remember to watch your expiration dates and to line up your store flyers with those manufacturer coupons to get the best value. Otherwise, using them in any case helps you save.

Let me know of any online coupon websites that you may find in the comment section below.

Happy Couponing!

Tip #2: Saving Money on the Necessities

Last post we covered some brief outlines of couponing, now here are the keys for success: the coupons themselves, and where to get them.

Here’s my secret – there is an entire booklet of manufacturers coupons inside your premium newspaper carrier, every week (varying from cereal coupons to odd-ball products you can order from inside the coupon insert itself). Feel free to peak through newspapers lying around stores (before buying them) – you will see just by leafing quickly through you will see everyday items that have coupons for them.

Possible inserts with links to the site so you can print coupons

Smartsource, Sunday weekly paper.
P&G brandsaver, monthly issues
Redplum, sent with some cheaper newspapers and usually small in size.

Courtesy of freebiesdealsandrewards.

Courtesy of freebiesdealsandrewards.


Here is an example with me utilizing some of these coupons.

Last night I was shopping for some basic necessities. I stopped at Walmart, then drove over to Walgreens and then a much earned McDonald’s trip because of how much I saved (and I was starving)! (click the picture to make it bigger)



To further explain, this blogs purpose is to help people save money. As average consumers in this world, sometimes we forget all about savings and that’s normal! But what I would like to point out especially in this post, is that:

By saving money on things you DIDN’T save money on before is not only good, but can help you to put that saved money towards other things, figuratively (aka my unhealthy McDonalds meal, haha).

Most everyone always buys milk on their trips, without thinking about the prices. My low-price hit-up store for milk is Walgreens, where I saved:

– 23% on my Dean’s (BRAND NAME) milk.
– I paid $5.38 versus $6 for 2 (Store Brand) coupon at pick n’ save.

Sometimes these sales are very incognito. Sales like these are hard to pick up on (especially when brand names are on a deeper sale than store brand names), but I find buying at a place like Walgreens can sometimes pay off better than even Wal-Mart (or whatever your local low priced store may be).

– It all depends on who’s selling what and when they are selling it!
– I used my Walgreens store card on the milk for the savings (I will be covering store cards in my next post).

On my Walmart receipt you may see many everyday items, such as:
– granola bars
– work shoe insoles

I even used a $3 off coupon on shoe insoles for my day job (but these coupons are far and few between). I had a BOGO (buy one get one free) coupon for the granola bars. They were on sale at Walmart for $2 each versus maybe $3.50 at Pick N’ Save (already saving money here) so with my coupon they were $1 a box (because I saved $2 on my free box).

I chose the granola bar coupon to example to you as well as most of the other coupons, because where I got that coupon(s) was in my Sunday morning Journal Sentinel paper, a paper delivered to my parents’ house every week. I got it inside a flyer called “SmartSource“. Smart source delivers somewhat low value popular item/bought coupons.

Let me know about any savings you may receive on your necessities or if you have any tips of your own in the comment section below.

Happy Couponing!

Tip #1: Stop Wasting Time Cutting Coupons and Save More


Many stores offer in store coupons to use on their great products, but many people don’t want to spend time cutting them out. Many people prefer searching their endless key-chain for their stores discount card; this only occasionally helps them win big (like when meats are on sale).

Here’s a secret, there is an easier method most may not give a second thought too.  What about STACKING those savings just by simply asking the word “please”? How so, you may ask?

Just ask the cashier to scan any coupon items they see that you may have.

As far as my workplace (Pick N’ Save) goes, if you checkout in my line and say “hey do I have any coupon eligible items and can you/we scan them?” Boom, and its done. Half the stores in my local area (Walgreen’s and Pick N’ Save and Albrecht’s Sentry, CVS pharmacy, Target to name a few) will do this for you with little to no effort.

Thus, you don’t have to waste time cutting out coupons. By simply asking at checkout if you have any coupon eligible items, you can receive MASSIVE savings. It is also just as easy to find those coupon eligible items while walking throughout the store you shop at, thus you can help your cashier identify your items. Many stores have isles littered with little tape signs screaming “look in the coupon book for additional savings” and they are very easy to spot. Coupon books are also available at:

– Store entrances
– Service Desks
– Online

So you may be asking, “What does this do for me”?

– Saves you time in those surprise shopping trips
– Generates huge savings at check out
– Relieve some of the weekly stress of grocery shopping

What do I need to look for?

walgreens coupon book

pick n savecoupon book

CVS pharmacy coupon book

Keep in mind:

Do not be fooled! SOMETIMES, on occasion, there are little hiccups in the system – you don’t save the displayed amount for some reason, the coupon doesn’t work, etc. Always ask the service desk and most of them will be happy to fix the problem or point out something you could have even missed (even the best of us make mistakes). Be careful – sometimes you can mess up on size requirements or amount requirements. For example: Save $1.00 (when you buy 3).


pick n savecoupon book edit


Let me know all about your awesome savings in the comment section below!

Happy couponing!